Students are on the move, with many arriving with their suitcases at their accommodation for the very first time.

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As autumn sets in and glossy greens turn to matt browns, householders will find interiors are becoming all about textures.

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As the high summer temperatures look set to continue Loughborough University has published advice to help householders keep their cool.

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As the summer holidays approach, families in rental homes may be thinking about how to get their children away from the electronics and into the fresh air.

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Enhance the garden of your rental home this summer and create an outside space to enjoy.

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As finals and end-of-year exams approach we offer our top tips on turning your rented student home into a place of study.

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The warmer weather is finally here and those planning to let their home this summer might wish to start getting it ready

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As spring arrives, those living in rented properties might be thinking about bringing a little greenery into their homes.

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There may be restrictions on enhancing your rental home with permanent changes but there are some steps you can take to make it feel more personal.

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Deciding to let your property is a big step and doing it with the help of a reliable agent such as Norfolk Property Lettings and Management might be the answer.

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A new year brings new fashions in interior design – and landlords thinking about carrying work on their rental properties might like consider the latest looks.

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Autumn is here and now is the time for landlords to be thinking about making their properties ready for winter.

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With the arrival of the new season, householders often like to bring a slightly different ambience to their interior spaces.

Living in rented accommodation should not stop you transforming a room.

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It’s not long now until the universities and colleges start back and some students may be rushing around in a last-minute bid to find accommodation.

But don’t let the panic result in a situation where you end up taking on something unsuitable.

Here are our tip tips for finding the right digs.

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Whether you live in a family home or a small apartment, where to keep your precious belongings can often be an issue.

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Regularly topping “best place to live” lists, Norwich is widely considered one of the UK’s most desirable cities in which to rent a home.

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Tenants seeking their next home should consider their options and plan carefully before renting a property. 


Becoming a landlord for the first time can feel daunting which is why working with an agency can be beneficial.

They can lift the stress of the day-to-day management of the property from your shoulders and offer you the benefit of their professional experience.


As the weather warms up and thoughts turn to spring cleaning and building improvements, landlords might wish to give their properties a seasonal check.

This is the time of year to consider doing all those small jobs that have been building up and to ensure everything is in the best shape possible.

This will not only help you to attract retain and attract good tenants but will also maintain your valuable property investment.